Ailvin electronics is proud to announce that we are one of the leading suppliers of the best quality electronic products that include LED bulbs, your phones, mobile charger cables and a lot more than you can find on our website.

With our range of products, we aim to give the best quality products to everyone who is looking for it. With our affordable range, you can easily get your hands on them without worrying about anything burning a hole in your pocket.

Our products are made in such a way that they are compatible with every type of household, every category of person and every occasion and event that you will be celebrating in your life.

We are especially proud of our LED bulb that works on saving a lot of energy thus helping all of our clients to lead a sustainable lifestyle and not being a burden on the pocket.

Our team is full of people who are experts in their specific domains. we have experts in electronics, supply, warehousing, logistics and every other aspect that is required to run a business. More than just being experts, all of these people are great thinkers who are constantly thinking of making this business a lot more successful by involving all of you with us!

Our vision

Our long term goal is to thrive in the field of Electronics. We aim to get recognition at a global level and be the best supplier of all the electronic products that are not only affordable but contribute to the sustainable way of living life.

Our second and the most important goal is to reach the level of customer satisfaction where we do not receive complaints at any point in time. This aim might seem a little difficult to reach, but with all the determination of our employees, we are sure that we will soon be rich at that stage as well.

Our mission

It is our mission to meet all our goals through to the business ethics and technical expertise that we have on our team. We are also looking forward to maintaining long term, sustainable relationships with all the people who are wanting to connect with us.

We also aim to reach the Global audience and allow them to get their hands on the best quality products they will ever use.

Our company values

Customer satisfaction is the key
A lot of businesses fail to realise that they cannot push out things that are not appreciated by the customer. For us, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority and the list of our values.

Complete transparency
Lying to our clients or our customers is not something that we are looking forward to. The conversation between them and us must be clear to maintain a relationship that will last for a long time.

Staying excellent
With the help and the support of our employees, we are always willing to stay excellent and work towards our customers. We are always on the hunt for excellence!