Researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center found that sleeping with your phone beside you is pretty bad for your sleep cycle and the amount of sleep you’ll get. Researchers examined 42 participants and were surprised to find that having your phone within reach kept them up at night. A recently published study in the Sleep journal concluded that the blue light emitted from your phone negatively impacts your sleep quality.

A lot of people fall asleep with their phones under their pillow or nearby. Others just can’t be bothered. There’s good and bad to both.

If You’re A Night Owl, Be Sure to Turn Your Phone to “Do Not Disturb”

Most smartphones, tablets, and laptops have a setting called Do Not Disturb. On some devices, you can configure the feature to also make the screen go completely dark. This is for when you want to sleep in.

Keep your phone out of your bedroom, and turn this off so that you’re not disturbed when you go to sleep. You’re not alone if you’re a night owl, but you can take steps to make sure that you don’t fall prey to insomnia.