LED 3 Colour Conceal Ceiling LED Panel Light Colour Changing Ceiling Led Down Light 9 Watt


Product Information

  • Package Contains: ------ piece of 9 Watt 3 Color Conceal Ceiling Led Panel Light
  • Size: 75mm ,Cut-Ot: 65mm. Cool White, Pack of 4, Easily can be fit in to a Deep Junction Box
  • Deliver High Brightness & Excellent illumination Instant Light with no delay (Flicker Free) Maintenance Free for long period Good Pay Back Period
  • Wide Application:Great for Offices,Garage,Bedroom,Utility room,Living room,Dining Room,Hallway,Kitchen.
  • Voltage Range : 160~280V AC Long Life Span, Low power consumption and Energy Saving.
  • 9 Watt 7 Colour in 1 Concealed Box Light, Can easily be fit in to fale ceiling & conealed box
  • Made In India